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Father’s Day at Sprout & Sprocket Eatery

649OP | Fathers day weekend | Lunch | Spoil Dad | Sprout & Sprocket Eatery | Magalies Meander

Spoil Your Dad This Father’s Day at Sprout & Sprocket Eatery

Where would we be without our Dads? Not here, for one… While putting everything together for Father’s Day this year we got to talking about our Dads and some of the things they’ve taught us. It’s interesting because sometimes it’s the less obvious lessons which have ended up having had a greater impact on our lives, and the ones we carry with us daily.

For instance, my dad taught me how to listen. Not just to what people are saying but how to truly listen to the story a person is telling you with their words, actions, and body language. Even the things they don’t say tell you a story.

Another person mentioned their dad taught them how to drive a car. Not just how to use the controls and the rules of the road, but how to anticipate people’s next moves and how to get yourself out of sticky situations. There’s always a bit more, and we are grateful to all the dads out there for showing us how to navigate our lives. We salute you!

Dads don’t always get a chance to shine in the spotlight but on 15th and 16th June it’s all about the them. Show the Dad in your life how just how much you love him with a sensational lunch experience at Sprout & Sprocket Eatery. Enjoy a day out and make a trip down the Magalies Meander with your destination being a little gem called Sprout & Sprocket! Get away from the Joburg hustle and bustle so you can make more family memories in a rustic and arty setting?

Fathers Day weekend | things to do around joburg | Sprout & Sprocket Eatery

At Sprout & Sprocket we’re all about the shared meal experience. We believe that meals should be interactive for maximum enjoyment and over the Father’s Day weekend we have a special treat in store for you! We will be combining the things we love most…

And an unForgettable dining experience.

Join us at the table where Chef Renoir will take you and your taste buds on a deliciously exciting journey… Using only the best local and seasonal ingredients he has cooked up a wholesome yet decadent menu:

The feast begins with Roast Tomato or Butternut Cappuccino with a Mezze Platter of Marinated Mushrooms, Olives, Babaganoush, Sundried Tomatoes, and Freshly Baked Bread. (Gluten free option available).

For our meat eaters we have Deboned Smoked Oxtail Terrine with Creamy Popcorn Polenta, oven-roasted Baby Vegetables, served with a Parsley Red Wine Jus. We also have Falafel wrapped in Pickled Baby Marrow set on Bravas Potatoes for our vegan friends.

What would a special menu conjured up by Chef Renoir be without a twist at the end?
Skip the socks for your dad this year, they’ll be blown off anyway by our SSS-BOMB Dessert! That’s our trademark Super Spectacular Surprise dessert laid out on the tabletop for you to share, tapas style.
Lunch is served from 11h00 on June 15-16. Don’t miss out! Booking is recommended as space is limited. Make your booking.

What did your dad teach you? Let us know in the comments.

649OP | Fathers day weekend | Lunch | Spoil Dad | Sprout & Sprocket Eatery | Magalies Meander